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A Ring of Promises

I have joined with other authors who write in the ‘Romance’ category to promote books you may not have otherwise been introduced to. Use the link at the bottom of this post to connect you to free samples, and sometimes free complete novels, of 92 different authors. If you are not sure what your next great read should be this is an ideal spot to explore. You can claim a sample containing the first 3 chapters of “A Ring of Promises.”

Marie Gage with her debut Novel A Ring of Promises

I am pleased to say that the initial reviews of ‘A Ring of Promises’ are very good. Here are some samples: 

Brenda Pedigrew, author and international facilitator: “Marie Gage has made this time period- not to mention her characters – come alive. They dance off the page. And not only the characters, but this period of history, in detail that pulled me in…the back-and-forthness of the narrative, the details of life in Scotland and the hardships of the Canadian north…I could go on, but I finished this book in deep fascination!”

Anonymous Amazon Customer: “This book is a compelling narrative which gripped me from the first page and didn’t let me go until the conclusion of this adventure/immigrant/love saga. So meticulously researched and authentic it is hard to believe the author did not live through the events herself. Endearing and entirely credible central characters whose tenacity in the face of adversity entirely won me over. A worthy addition to the Canadian immigrant canon.”

Marricks: “Like the “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”, “A Ring of Promises” also relates a part of a people’s heritage through correspondence and a well-researched historical narrative. As well, my fascination with stories of the Canadian wilderness was well satisfied by following Will’s journey through the heart of northern Manitoba in the early 1900’s. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Janet, Mary Ann, Will and the little bit of history that is laid out in “A Ring of Promises”.”

Here is the link to the download site for samples of the work of 92 different authors:

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  1. Brenda Peddigrew June 22, 2020

    Great, Marie, and I am spreading the word…

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