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Marie Gage was born and raised in London, Ontario. She and her family moved to the Haliburton Highlands in 1996 when they purchased a self-catering resort which they ran for 14 years. She is now retired, living on a lake.

Marie Gage, creates stories for adults and children from her lived experiences. Her fictional stories emanate from insights gained through interaction with real people. Her grandchildren provide much of the fodder for her work.

She has just released her first Novel emanating from her genealogical research titled “A Ring of Promises”.

The children’s book series was created with the assistance of her sister, Audrey Ramsay, as the illustrator. Audrey is a retired CSR clerk who has always experimented with various types of media such as watercolour, acrylic, pen and ink, washable oils and pencil crayon. She is predominantly self-taught but has taken many art classes to learn the basics about techniques.

The first picture book’s illustrations were drawn on paper using watercolour pencils in an effort to create colourful pictures that would be attractive to young readers. For the second and third books she learned to create the drawings using digital technology.

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