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The Spirit Within is a poem designed to empower a child to be true to themselves. Music and dance are used as symbols of the individual spirit and personal expression but the concept can be applied to anything the child is interested in. A book that will help to combat the impact of peer pressure and free the child to be true to their inner self.

children's book

Blake is a boy who gets bored easily. As he struggles to be patient while waiting for his parents and brother to be ready to go out for the afternoon he has an encounter with “Zorba” that is every child’s dream. He gets to climb to the tops of the trees like a monkey! The question is “Was it real?”

children's book

Luke is a young boy looking for acceptance. He has a magical encounter with Santa on Christmas Eve and asks Santa for something to help him make friends. Santa teaches him the power of a smile. The message also reflects the true meaning of giving at Christmas and is a lesson for adult and young alike.

children's book

Oliver does not like insects and he especially does not like bees. With the help of a friend from another planet he learns the importance of respecting bees and living in harmony with them. There is also a learning addendum at the back of the book appropriate for a grade 3 learning level.

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