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Oliver and the Bee

               And the Winner Is

And the winner is …. !!!! Jennifer Brown is the winner fo the Beekeeper sock monkey at the Spring Peterborough Craft show on June 9th, 2019. Pictured above is her daughter Laura enjoying her new companion. 

Oliver and the Bee written by Marie Gage and illustrated by Audrey Ramsay.

The beekeeper sock monkey is a companion to the newly launched Oliver and the Bee book. In the book Oliver, a boy who does not like bugs and especially does not like bees, is taken on a journey through his grandparent’s apple orchard by a new friend from another planet named  Revilo (Oliver backwards). Revilo’s planet overcame the threat posed by not understanding the importance of creatures similar to bees and he is determined to help save the planet Earth. 

Where did the idea for the book come from? 

Each of my books is inspired by real people in some way. This book was inspired by my grandson, Oliver, and his father Martin. 

Oliver is a very intelligent young boy who at the ripe old age of 2 started having theories about how the world works. He has been nicknamed ‘the little professor’. Did you know that trees create teh wind? Ok, so he is not always right. Oliver also hates bugs and bees because he is worried about being bitten, however, he is also fascinated by them. 

When Martin was a young boy, about the age of eight, he would tell me that he was not Martin, he was Nitram, from the planet Zuplex, and I only thought I gave birth to him! He was here to observe Earth. 

I, along with a lot of scientists, am personally concerned about the fate of bees on our planet. They are dying in large numbers and their loss will severely impair our food supply chain. In a universe full of stars with planets circling them I am inclined to believe another planet has already solved the problem …. the combination of all these factors led to the writing of Oliver and the Bee. I hope you enjoy it. 

Where Can You Buy a Copy?

If you have not already purchased a copy and wish to do so please visit: www.mariegage.ca and use our secure portal to purchase one or contact me using the contact form on the site to make arrangements to pick one up. 

They can also be purchased at Master’s Bookstore in Haliburton, Stedman’s in Minden and Wintergreen Pancake Barn in Gelert.  

Cover of Oliver and the Bee

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