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save money through Countdown deal

Welcome to all new newsletter subscribers! Happy to have you aboard. I promise I will be sending out a post about the development of my novel in the near future. Sorry if this is not the most engaging first post but it is exciting if you are looking to save money and secure an ebook copy of A Ring of Promises! (Or have friends who  might wish to).

This post is directed specifically at subscribers who live in the United States or the United Kingdom and to people who have contacts in those countries. 

Starting Saturday July 4th at 8 GMT in the UK and 8 PDT in the USA an Amazon countdown deal will feature my novel, “A Ring of Promises”. Unfortunately, unless you live in one of those two countries (or have a computer that can pretend it does) you cannot access the deal. Please complain to Amazon about countdown deals not being available in Canada. 

What this means is that for a week the ebook format of my novel will be sold at a significantly reduced rate. I believe its lowest price is .99 in the respective currencies and rises partway through the week. Forgive me if I am wrong about the exact rate but the field is locked and I cannot access it to check. The ticking clock will show how much longer the deal is available at that price. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Please encourage everyone you know who lives in either country to check it out. Here are the links: 
Here is the link to the book and Amazon countdown deal on the site: 
Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe in our new environment!

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