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The Germ Defiers … A New superhero team

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Our world is a strange place to navigate these days and I got thinking that it must be very difficult for young children to comprehend. I wanted to do something to make it easier, something that would empower children by giving them things they can do to help others. I also wanted them to understand that this is temporary and that a new, brighter day with more of our usual freedoms will come again if we all stick together. 

To this end I have created this free ebook, with illustrations by my sister Audrey Ramsay, for you to download and read to your child. I would love it if you then had them draw a picture of the new superhero, The Germ Defier, and upload it to the author Marie Gage Facebook page.

As an alternative they can actually dress up in a costume they make and upload a picture of them in it.

Every child who uploads a photo of themselves in costume or a drawing of The Germ Defier will be sent an ebook titled ‘Blake’s Monkey Adventure’ for free! Just something fun to keep us all entertained while the scientists get control of this new virus.

Launch The Germ Defiers directly from the link below, then right click and save it to your device. It is in .pdf format. 


The Germ Defiers_ebook        




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  1. Adel Francis April 4, 2020

    Well done, from Gramade. I will be passing your book on to our grandchildren who live in many different places in Canada.

    • MG0512- April 4, 2020 — Post Author

      Thank you so much …please do spread it around .. the book NOT the virus. Stay healthy!

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