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The real Grandma and grandpa parker

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Lots of readers have expressed an interest in seeing what the real Grandpa and Grandma Parker look like. So I thought I would upload their wedding pictures today for you to see. . 

Does William look like an adventurer with the fortitude to stick to his journey through all the twists and turns thrown at him? As I child I never imagined that there was such a poignant story of love and adventure behind the marriage of what I considered to be ordinary people, living an ordinary life. I’d love to hear your take on it … 

It is enlargements of the two individual pictures below that are framed in bubble glass, hanging on my dining room wall, guiding my research! 



Mr. and Mrs William Parker
Sept 16th 1916
A Ring of Promises
On her wedding day
A Ring of Promises
Grandpa Parker on his Wedding Day

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  1. Diane July 27, 2020

    He looks very strong and able man she is so sweet and it’s great you have red hair like her lovely seeing the photos xx

  2. Brenda Peddigrew July 27, 2020

    Oh my! Putting faces on them makes it all the more real. I looked at them for awhile…courageous, each one!

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